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"Time and Time again"

Dragon Channeling Silver Dragon Clan by Walter Bruneel 11/03/2014


"We have been waiting for an eternity.” Sounds Familiar? It does, and it is. A very long time may seem to be prolonged indefinitely by a variety of factors, like the deep need or desire to get to the long wished-for result, or to get past a particular obstacle.
Yet, the only way past the obstacle seems indeed to be going through it and not getting caught in it. Evasive tactics make the journey longer.
Your personal attachments, likes, dislikes and hang-ups seem to have a direct influence on your perception of time.
Subjective you say?

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Dragon Portrait tailor made

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A new word should be invented for this one, “Powerpainting”.
Artwork doesn't get any more intense than this protonuclear masterpiece , exclusively attuned to your frequencies.
The Dragon Portrait you will behold is produced in a state of deep meditation and focus on you, on the Rays and Flames that work through you and the Dragon Clans that are close to you. The process takes time, obviously, and the end result is a true work of the Art in every way.

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Dragon course

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Here Be Dragons...

"As a multidimensional Being you have a vast array of possibilities, in many cases dormant, blocked or diluted.
A mentor or teacher can be a great asset in discovering those possibilities as well as developing them. Consider having Dragon Consciousness as an ally in your progress, offering guidance from a point of view far beyond the scope of Human thinking and behaviour.
If you are willing to open your vision and your heart, we extend our friendship, wisdom and power. Embrace the you that is Dragon. You'll know who you are, what you are, what is your Destiny and Purpose."